Ages 7 and up


Grades 3-6

Mathmania club is designed to capture the interest of students in grades 3 to 6 with a wide range of math abilities and skill levels. Each colorful 32-page book includes a variety of puzzles that make it fun for kids to look for patterns, shapes and sequences; apply logic; make estimates; read graphs; use fractions; and gain experience with money, time and measurement. Packed with colorful artwork and unique themes, Mathmania books use puzzles and games to reinforce practical, universal skills.

Each Mathmania book includes:

  • Number mazes, dot-to-dots and other puzzles that involve counting  
  • Visual puzzles that have kids comparing, sorting and grouping
  • Silly brainteasers that reinforce logic and reasoning
  • Puzzles that involve estimating, calculating and graphing
  • Whimsical puzzles about measuring, money and telling time
  • More challenges that help children hone problem-solving skills  

How Mathmania Helps Students

Just as kids who enjoy books and magazines are likely to be more comfortable and successful with reading in school, Mathmania helps kids enjoy and become familiar with math. It builds skills by allowing kids to play with numbers at home in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Once a child discovers that numbers can be fun, learning follows naturally. That's what Fun with a Purpose™ is all about!

Top 10 Tips for More Slips

We’re happy to share some helpful hints from other Highlights teachers for getting the most student responses. And, if you have more tips to share, please let us know at by e-mailing our customer care team at Remember, both YES and NO responses count toward your FREE classroom gift!

  1. Explain the value of the Classroom Rewards Program – for students and for your classroom.
  2. Make it fun! Get the kids involved.
  3. Ask for a return - Yes or No. 
  4. Personalize each take-home slip.
  5. Draw some attention. 
  6. Set a due date.
  7. E-mail a take-home slip, too.
  8. Send parent reminders
  9. More is more! Send more than one offer home.
  10. Share a sneak peek.  

Sample E-Mail

Dear Parent,

Recently, I sent home an order form for Mathmania puzzle book club from Highlights for Children — a special offer that’s available only through schools. Highlights products are fun, and they help children sharpen reading, thinking and learning skills at home. Whether or not you decide to participate, please be sure to sign the slip and return it to school immediately so that we can place our order and earn valuable classroom materials from Highlights.